Grounding * Discernment * Insights

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High Vibe Crystals = Higher Vibe Life



Go = Let Go, Move Forward
Thite = Light Your Path


Be willing to look at your thoughts. Are those thoughts really what you want your conscious mind to keep creating?

Grounding your thoughts and emotions is part of the path, both the one behind you and the path that waits for you to be more, showing up with confidence with an open mind and heart.

Hemimorphite the 'Buddha Stone'

Hemi =Supercharge
Phite = Relentless Determination


Go within. The 'Buddha Stone' can help you find a sense of peacefulness, allowing you to become an observer of what is happening within and around you.

It is in these moments of 'peacefulness' that you're better able to see differently so that you can tweak how you feel, think and what next steps you take toward your next higher-vibe life.

Grounding = Breath Connection
Discernment = Understanding
Insights = Vision


Each step you take or choose not to take, is another twist, bend, or fork in your path. 

How will you choose to move forward rather than 'away from' where you don't want to be? 

Accept the past, opening yourself to your unique power, the power that can, does and has, moved mountains ... you can do this ... whatever your 'this' is. 

*I* believe in *YOU* beautiful Soul.

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