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“Higher vibe Crystals = Higher Vibe Life”

Setting your intention is only one part of the process of manifesting a different reality or more of what you are experiencing.

Pairing these 4 powerful and empowering Crystals with your intentions and focusing on seeing your bigger vision, helps quiet conscious mind noise that 'reminds' you of how things haven't quite gone your way ... yeah, they have at times, then something gets triggered and wham ... you may wonder what going wrong or if you're doing enough.

It's time to create a 'new thought pattern' that supports you and all that's waiting to manifest for you. YOU are enough. YOU are worth IT.

Kyanite absorbs fear, doubt and self-sabotage energy. It also helps you connect to your Guides. 

The absence of conscious mind 'noise' creates alignment between your Superconscious and Conscious Mind, which in turn creates 'space' for manifestation.

Your Conscious mind has created 'pathways' that it 'falls back on' when things 'seem' to not be happening fast enough.

Black Tourmaline helps you assimilate the higher-vibe necessary for mental and emotional energy manifestation.

Green Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix, helps your Heart-Mind Connection be in alignment with your desire for Prosperity and Abundance.

Believing, really believing in 'yourself' and the vision, your dreams is part of the whole, being in alignment Mind, Body, Energy and Thought.

Selenite is a 'key' Crystal ingredient to empowering your intentions and magnetizing your desires to you, because of its unique connection with your Higher Spiritual Self.

Being mindful of 'where' you are right now, makes it possible to step-up-into your higher-vibe self where manifestation happens.

Creating new 'patterns' is much easier than breaking old habits that are rather insistent and at times, just plain stubborn.

That's what I've started doing, creating new patterns of thought, and pairing the right Crystals and it's really making a difference.

Much Love and Infinite Blessings,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

The Crystologist

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