NEED is NOT a NASTY Word (Crystals Energy Healing)

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We’ve been taught that to *NEED* something is to come from a place of LACK. Yes, SOMETIMES but that’s not true ALL the time.

I don’t know about you, but *I* need to write things down before going to the market … that’s a NEED and it only means I want or desire to get these things the next time.

It is also true that when there’s a NEED to change things, to let go, it involves e-motions, thought, energy and a NEED to really, really, really do things differently.

Without a NEED, very little tends to get done.

So. The next time you work on manifesting what you want, think of what you NEED to feel supported … be mindful of where the NEED is coming from. Is it coming from that space of lack ~OR~ is it coming from a space of desire which *feeds* your purpose, your life, the reason you do what you do? 

Write it out, then put the sheet or sheets in a place where you will NOT keep looking at it. Seal it in an envelope if that helps keep your conscious mind from looking and rereading it every month, week, or every day. Let what you NEED come to you as you do your part. Yup, you gotta do your part … that’s the way things work.

This idea of NEED not being a NASTY word from talking with a close friend. And yes, *I* did write out what I NEED and have put the pages away, out of sight.

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