Crystals L - Z

In our *Crystals L - Z * Collections you'll discover a wide variety of Crystal Species such as:

Labradorite Collection (view Blue Flash Labradorite here)

Lapis Lazuli (click here to shop now)

Lazulite (shop here )

Lemurian Seed Crystals (tap here to shop Collection)

Lepidolite (view Towers, Palmstones)

Malachite ( click here to view)

Mica, Black (Black Mica in Quartz Matrix click here now)

Moonstone Collections (shop Black, Green, Peach, Rainbow)

Obsidian (click here to view collections)

Opal Collection (Spheres, Palmstones, Towers click here)

Petrified Wood (click here now)

Pyrite (view Nuggets, Cluster)

Pyrolusite Specimens (click here to shop now)

Quartz Collections (view our extensive Quartz Collections here)

Rhodonite (shop Collection here)

Selenite Collection (Candle Holders, Touchstones, Spheres, Bowls, Plates)

Serpentine (click here now to view)

Shiva Lingham (view now to shop)

Shungite Specimens (shop now)

Sodalite ( view Collection here)

Sulfur, Crystalized Specimens (click here to shop )

Tourmaline Collections (click here to view our extensive Collections)

✨✨✨ Please note: Crystals mentioned may or may not be in stock, as our Collections are one-of-a-kind and quantities are limited. Out of Stock Crystals may or may not be restocked. ✨✨✨

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