Collection: Karma & Past Life

Karmic Remembrance: Connect with the Wisdom of Past Lives Through Crystal Healing: Delve into the depths of your soul's journey with Karmic Remembrance, a divine collection of crystals attuned to karma and past life healing. As a sanctuary for energy healers, lightworkers, highly sensitive persons and crystal enthusiasts, our collection resonates with the ancient echoes of lifetimes gone by. Each crystal acts as a portal to unlock the wisdom of past experiences and release karmic patterns that no longer serve your highest good. From the karmic cleansing of black obsidian to the soulful insights of ametrine, every crystal holds the potential to illuminate your path to spiritual evolution. Embrace the transformative power of Karmic Remembrance and embark on a sacred journey of self-discovery and healing.

Your well-being is our passion. We offer ethically sourced, hand-collected crystals, consciously curated to radiate positive energy and high vibrations.