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High Vibe Crystals = Higher Vibe Life

All  Crystals, Minerals and Stones listed in these Directory Pages *I* have personally worked with. We’ll continue to update the Directory as we *my Crystals guides and I* continue to expand my working knowledge of newly discovered Crystals. 
Crystals are Intuitively Chosen and Ethically Sourced for their high-vibe, quality and energy in limited quantities and may or may not be available. Click here to view and shop for Crystals ~OR~ enter the name of the Crystal in the Search Box (top right) and if we have it in stock, you'll be taken right to it.


Labradorite: Stone of Limitless Potential, Transformation and Protection, Limitless Potential, Intuition, Telepathy, Chakra Healing, Akashic Records, Astral Travel, Past Life Recall, Angelic Realm Connection

Lapis Lazuli: Stone of Communication, Throat Chakra, Third Eye, Inner Vision Healing, Love, Compassion, Manifest, Intuitive and Psychic Gifts, Truth Teller, Angelic Realm Connection


Larimar: Stone of Tranquility Love Peacefulness and Serenity, Throat Chakra, Emotional Energy Clearing and Healing, Dissolve Self-Sabotage, Past Life Relationship Healing, Awaken Inner-Wisdom, Manifestation Energy , Raise Your Inner Vibration


Lazulite: Stone of Heaven and the Stone of the Indigo Ray of Transcendence,  Inspirational Insights, Third Eye, Mental Clarity and Focus, Lucid Dreaming, Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence

Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals: Stone of Record Keepers, Intuitive Channeling, Chakra Clearing, Dream Recall, Access Spiritual Dimensions, Self-Attunement, Conscious Awareness, Soul Energy Healing


Lepidolite: Stone of Transition, Emotional Healing and Balance, Goddess Energy, Spiritual Purification, EMF Protection, Akashic Records, Past Life and Heart Healing, Encourages Independence, Emotional Healing, Release Blocked Energies


Lepidocrocite: Heart and Higher-Heart Chakra, Enhances Intellect, Angelic Realm and Spirit Guide Connection, Align with Divine Source, Release Fear and Doubt, Grounding, Deepen Intuition, Resonates with All Chakra's


Lodolite: Stone of Conscious Manifestation, Past Life Exploration, Rebirth, Courage, Life Purpose, Insights, Protective Energy Shield, Inner Journeying Tool, Death and Rebirth of the Sacred Self

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