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High Vibe Crystals = Higher Vibe Life

All  Crystals, Minerals and Stones listed in these Directory Pages *I* have personally worked with. We’ll continue to update the Directory as we *my Crystals guides and I* continue to expand my working knowledge of newly discovered Crystals. 
Crystals are Intuitively Chosen and Ethically Sourced for their high-vibe, quality and energy in limited quantities and may or may not be available. Click here to view and shop for Crystals ~OR~ enter the name of the Crystal in the Search Box (top right) and if we have it in stock, you'll be taken right to it.


Malachite: Stone of Health, Wealth and Abundance, Prosperity and Abundance, Energy Protection, Intuitive Guidance, Transformation, Heart Chakra Healing, Aura Clearing and Protection, Enlightened Leadership, Dissolve Conscious Mind Resistance, Break Unwanted Ties to the Past

Malachite-Chrysocolla: Goddess Energies, Emotional Healing, Self-Empowerment, Strengthens Personal Power, Self-Confidence, Self-Expression, Emotional Healing and Balance, Strengthens Your Aura, Negative Energy Protection, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Grounding


Manganese (Iron Ore Matrix): Heart Chakra, Stimulates and Encourages Spontaneity, Creativity, Positive Energy, Clearer Connection between the Conscious Self, Spirit and the Angelic Realms, Grounding, Raise Your Inner Vibration, Open Your higher-Chakras, Mother Gaia Connection


Menalite (aka Fairy Stone): Stone of the Goddess, Fae and Divine Feminine, Soul Connection, Manifestation, Cycles of Life Rebirth and Rejuvenation, Remove Fear of the Unknown, Divine Feminine Goddess Energy, Intuitive Connection


Mica (Black, White, Grayish-Black): Stone of Journeying Within and Intuitive Gifts,  EMF Protection, Grounding, Shields You from Psychic Attack, Compassion, Soothes Emotions, Channeling, Clarity, Visioning, Imagination, Calms and Soothes Conscious mind


Black Moonstone: Stone of Mystery and High Priestess, Divine Feminine Energy, Psychic Awareness Stone, Calming Third Eye, Crown Chakra, Soul Travel Protection, Soothe Emotions During New and Full Moon Cycles

Green Moonstone (aka Garnierite): Stone of the Essence of Life Creativity and Serendipity, Heart Chakra Healing, Protection Stone, Spiritual Growth and Expansion, Bridge Heaven and Earth Energies, Negative Energy Protection, New Opportunities, Limitless Potential

Peach Moonstone: Stone of Mystery, Hidden Truths and High-Priestess Energies, Intuitive gifts, Transformation, Past Life Healing, New Beginnings, Dream Recall, Lucid Dreaming, Balance Emotions, Full and New Moon Energies

Rainbow Moonstone: Stone of Vision, Mystery and High-Priestess, Visioning. High-Priestess Energy, Intuition, Dreams, Aura Protection, Channeling, Past Life Clearing, Creativity, Full and New Moon Ritual

White Moonstone: High Priestess Stone and the Stone of Mysticism and Intuition, Psychic Ability, Self-Discovery, Insight, Goddess Energy, Dissolve and Clear Outdated Beliefs, Third Eye, Crown Chakra, Dreamwork, Dream Recall, Attune to New and Full moon Cycles, Balance Emotions, Divine Timing


MordeniteStone of Magnetic Attraction and Abundance, Relationship Awareness, Harmony, Activate magnetic energy attraction, Heel Disillusionment, Eliminate Conscious Mind Distractions, Peace, Serenity, Focus Intentions, Inspiration, Live in the Present Moment, New Beginnings, Insights, Self Discovery, Spiritual Awakening, Transformation, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Self Expression, Protection from Energy Overwhelm, Inner Vision, Inner Enlightenment, Life Purpose, Soul Path, Quiet the Conscious Mind

Mystic Merlinite

Mystic Merlinite (aka Indigo Gabbro): the *Wise Soul* Stone, Raise Your Inner Vibration, Boost Immune System, Psychic Gifts, Abundance, Chakra Healing, Insights, Connect to Spirit and Your Guides

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