Azurite Malachite, Natural Cluster

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Azurite Malachite Jewel of Wisdom Altar Ritual Meditation Centerpiece Freeform Azurite Malachite is a stunning blend of two powerful Minerals offering a synergistic energy unlike any other. It is known as the Jewel of Wisdom, the Stone of Insights and Inner-Seeing. The deep blue of Azurite resonates with the 3rd Eye Chakra, enabling you to tap into your Intuitive Gifts with greater clarity as you work with it. The Throat Chakra also benefits through the dissolving of blockages. Blockages in the Throat Chakra happen because most of us tend to ‘swallow’ what we feel or want to say. Empaths would rather NOT say something that causes hurt or conflict. It is necessary … no, essential to release energy from the inside out. When we’re able to speak freely, even if it's to ourselves, we can connect more easily to Spirit, our Guides and to the Angelic Realm. Azurite can shield the user from psychic attack (negativity from others). It is an excellent stone for 'reading between the lines' especially good for Empaths, helping them discern the truth. Malachite is the Stone of Health, Wealth Consciousness, and abundance. It has a way of amplifying the energy of Azurite because it has a very powerful, somewhat intense healing vibration. Malachite can take some getting used to. Malachite can strengthen your Aura and all your energy bodies as you hold it or have it near you. As you work with malachite, it can help you ‘see’ become aware of hidden blocks to allowing you to accept and receive all you have asked for. It can also assist you in healing your Heart Center, so you can move forward with your life. Malachite has many layers ranging from dark green to very light, nearly white-ish in color and can help you take that next step, one step at a time. The blending of Azurite and Malachite, brings together the incredibly powerful energies into one stunning Mineral. The energy of Azurite Malachite is like no other. It is, and has been a favorite of mine since I first became attracted or awakened to the powerful, enticing energies of Crystals, Minerals and Stones. METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES: *Azurite: Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras, connect with Spirit, your guides and the Angelic Realm, develop intuitive abilities, soothes the Soul, guide psychic development, Spiritual Expansion, emotional healing, go with the flow of energy, raises conscious awareness *Malachite: Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras; ground excess nervous energy; emotional balance; dissolve conscious mind resistance; protection against negative energy; enhance willpower and commitment to your path; encourages confidence and balance

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