Lepidolite Aquamarine Black Tourmaline Tower, Brazil (#14)

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Lepidolite Aquamarine Black Tourmaline, Goddess Energy, Chakra and Soul Healing, EMF Protection, Empowerment, Intuitive Gifts, Past Life, Emotional Healing, Heart Chakra, Third Eye, Root Chakra

The natural pairing of Lepidolite, Aquamarine and Black Tourmaline is powerful, healing, compassionate and empowering.

When I hold the beauty in my collection, there is a feeling of *ahh* within my heart center as it uplifts my inner vibration with the gentleness of unconditional love.

Lepidolite is the Stone of Emotional Healing, it is fascinating and unique. It’is capable of protecting you against harmful EMF energies that radiate from all your devices.

It is also amazing for its gift of being able to help you access your Akashic Records, the key to more of who you are and what you came here to do.

Being able to tap into any of your Past Lives, can create an amazing source of understanding and healing, clarity, knowledge and help you understand yourself, especially during meditation.

Lepidolite can help soothe emotions, releasing stress and tension and restoring a sense of serenity. When you are at peace with where you are in your life, everything flows more easily and gracefully.

Lepidolite assists you with Spiritual purification, releasing blocked energy in any Chakra. It can repel negative energy and remove negative emotional attachments, roots and cords.

Aquamarine is the Stone of Empowerment and Release. It resonates primarily with the Throat Chakra, for self-expression and speaking your truth. 

It can help you tap into your inner Goddess Energy, clearing stagnant energies from within your physical body and your Aura.

Aquamarine is capable of assisting you in identifying negative patterns of belief and dismantling them with compassion, reducing fear of the unknown and self-sabotage.

When you're able to let go of judging others and the nastiness of negative self-judgement, you’ll begin to heal emotionally through the words you speak to yourself when no one is around.

Black Tourmaline is the Stone Protection on many levels of energy, helping you balance Yin and Yang energies, protecting and shielding you from negativity.

Black Tourmaline is an incredibly powerful crystal, protects and shields one from negative energy. It also acts as a 'purification cleanser' sucking up vast amounts of negative energy in any physical environment.

Black Tourmaline will assist you with detoxing your physical body of negative energy by repelling and creating a protective shield that extends outward. 

This amazing Crystal encourages strength and faith during challenging situations or circumstances.

Black Tourmaline balances Yin female and Yang male energies, grounding excess negative energy, cleansing the Aura from psychic attack. 

It is an essential piece for any Crystal Collection,there are three Black Tourmaline Crystals in my collection.

Potential Benefits and Metaphysical Properties: 

*LEPIDOLITE: emotional healing and balance, serenity, relaxation, stress relief, harmony, heart healing, Akashic Records; protection against EMF bcuz it generates negative IONs, helps eliminate and silence obsessive thoughts; encourages independence; akashic Record access; help you tap and into past lives for healing, knowledge and understanding the Self at deeper levels of insight

*AQUAMARINE: Stone of Empowerment and Release; resonates primarily with the Throat Chakra; helps bring a sense of clarity and calmness; encourages self-expression, intuitive gifts, opens intuitive connection to Divine Goddess energies, empowerment, helps clear stagnant energies and  helps clear stagnant energies and dissolving negative patterns of thought and emotion; helps reduce fear and self-sabotage; Soul healing; encourages non-judgement of others and you; connect to Spirit, Higher consciousness

*BLACK TOURMALINE: Stone of Protection, absorbs and repels negative energy, protection from Psychic attack; Resonates with Heart and Root Chakras; survival issues, increasing the flow of energy into and through the Root Chakra; EMF protection; helps you understand yourself and others; helps raise self-confidence, eliminating fear; balances male-female energies; creates a protective field of energy around you; grounds nervousness and feelings of anxiousness

✨✨✨ Disclaimer: All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness or dis-ease, should consult with their General Practitioner. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner. 

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