Aquamarine Crystal, Brazil (#14)

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Aquamarine, Goddess Energy, Throat Chakra Clearing, Empowerment, Clarity, Emotional Healing, Higher-Self, Intuitive Guidance, Spirit Guides, Angelic Realm Connection, Release Fear and Doubt

Aquamarine is the Stone of Empowerment and Release, working primarily with and through your Throat Chakra.

There is such a soft, blue-ish color to these Aquamarine beauties. You can almost see the color of the sky and the sea, nearer to the shorelines around some tropical Island somewhere in your imagination.

As with all *blue* Crystals, Minerals and Stones, Aquamarine can help you go with the flow of energy, offering non-resistance … not surrendering to something or someone outside of yourself, it’s releasing negative self-talk and creating a sense of calmness within you.

Being able to express yourself and your intentions clearly, is *huge* in clearing your path for manifesting exactly what you desire more or something better.

Aquamarine is able to help you tap into your intuitive gifts, those gut feelings that offer clear communication with your Higher-Self, your Higher-Consciousness, Spirit, your Guides and the Angelic Realms.

There is within everyone woman, a Divine Goddess that yearns to be *free* to follow her path with confidence and dissolving negative patterns of self-doubt and fear that tend to stop any beautiful Soul Goddess for fear of doing *it* wrong.

Potential Benefits and Metaphysical Properties: Stone of Empowerment and Release; resonates primarily with the Throat Chakra; helps bring a sense of clarity and calmness; encourages self-expression, develop and expand intuitive gifts, opens intuitive connection to Divine Goddess energies, empowerment, helps clear stagnant energies and helps clear stagnant energies and dissolving negative patterns of thought and emotion; helps reduce fear and self-sabotage; Soul healing; encourages non-judgement of others and you; connect to Spirit, Higher consciousness; clear communication with your Higher-Self and helps you connect with the subconscious

✨✨✨ Disclaimer: All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness or dis-ease, should consult with their General Practitioner. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner. 

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