Crystal Glossary


Hello beautiful Soul Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Crystal Enthusiasts, Spiritual Coaches, and Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to the Crystal Glossary, your guide to understanding the enchanting world of crystals. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey into the realm of crystal energies, this glossary is designed to illuminate the diverse terms and meanings of crystals, metaphysics and energy. Each entry is created to enhance your knowledge and deepen your connection with these powerful allies.

Amorphous: no particular shaped crystal; energy flows quickly and powerfully, within and around amorphous crystals.

Barnacle: many small crystals covering or partially covering one side of a crystal; barnacles may also surround the base of a larger crystal; the larger crystal is the “old soul” and is a keeper of wisdom and trust, attracting the smaller crystals to it.

Botryoidal: spherical, rounded shapes on the surface of minerals; having the shape and appearance similar to a bunch of grapes.

Combination Stones: a crystal or stone that is more than one kind of crystal, mineral or stone; for example: azurite malachite; quantum quattro; malachite chrysocolla, black tourmaline and mica

Companion Crystal: two crystals growing together or attached to each other; a smaller crystal growing out of the larger crystal, looks as if it is attached to the other crystal from inside the base or along one of the sides of the larger crystal.

Cluster: a group of small, medium and large crystal points, growing together, touching and intertwining one with another; clusters have a “group’ energy; clusters absorb, cleanse and repel energies in any environment.

Enhydro: a water bubble in a crystal; bubbles of liquid that are millions of years old; enhydros symbolize the collective unconscious that connects everything and everyone.

Etched: the surface of the crystal has many markings or different shapes, most often has a ‘bumpy’ look or texture; etched crystals are naturally formed and do not have a smooth surface

Drusy / Druzy: tiny, minute crystal points that cover or coat a crystalline base.

Generator: six facets at the top of a crystal, usually but not always clear quartz; generates and focuses energy in all directions simultaneously

Geode: a hollow sphere with many crystal points facing inward; holds and amplifies energy; it’s best to have both sides, the whole geode for maximum effect of the geodes crystal metaphysical properties.

Gids / Gridding: placing and arranging crystals in a specific geometric or intuitively guided pattern, to enhance and magnify the energy in a room, office, sacred space; a grid is created to magnify one’s intentions.

Harlequin: inclusions that resemble stars, or sparkling clouds; small bright red dots and strings or veins running through quartz crystal; a vibrant “dancing” energy.

Hematoid: crystals with iron ore, manganese or hematite within the crystal; quartz crystals have inclusions / occlusions of hematite or streaks of iron running through them.

Inclusion / Occlusion: a mineral deposit within a crystal, most often iron, hematite, or chlorite are on the inside of a clear quartz crystal

Intuition: the ability to understand or know something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Metaphysically, it is considered a form of inner knowing or psychic ability that taps into the subtle energies and information beyond the physical senses.

Key Crystals / Keyhole Crystal: an indentation on one side of the crystal that is much narrower than the other side; provides a “key” to unlock the “doorway to one’s inner-self” for shadow work and emotional energy healing

Laser Wand: a long, slender crystal with small “faces” or “facets” that make up the termination (the tapered point of the crystal)

Life-Path Crystal: long, thin clear quartz crystal with one or more absolutely smooth (no marks, glyphs, striations); it is usually a three-sided or six-sided “indented” shape penetrating into the crystal; it assists one with discovering and accessing one’s spiritual path and life purpose; teaches and guides one to go with the flow, following your bliss

Manifestation Crystal: a smaller, fully-formed crystal on the inside of another, large crystal; quite rare; 

Matrix: a base or foundation onto which a crystal is formed

Natural / Raw / Rough: a crystal, mineral or stone that has not been altered in any way; it is natural, not polished.

Palm Stone / Palmstone): a crystal, mineral or stone that has been manually shaped into a smooth, palm-sized oval that is easily held in one hand

Phantom: a crystal that has a “shadow” of another crystal that started to grow, then stopped growing with a larger crystal around it; the smaller, “crystal shadow” is transparent.

Point: a naturally single-terminated crystal; often used as wands, the point or termination is always pointed away from the body as the base of a point draws unwanted, negative energy out and away from the physical body and all etheric energy bodies.

Polished: a crystal, mineral or stone that has been manually shaped into a smooth shape such as a generator, massage wand, sphere, pyramid, flame or obelisk.

Programmable: setting an intention, a specific focus and infusing your intentional energy into a crystal for a specific intention and desired outcome. Quartz crystals are usually the easiest to “program” although other crystal generators are also programmable.

Rainbow Crystal: internal fractures revealing a prismatic rainbow effect within the crystal, sometimes just below the surface; rainbows provide additional energy

Record Keeper: perfectly shaped “triangles” on the surface of a quartz crystal, most often Lemurian Quartz Crystals; there may be one or more perfectly-shaped “triangles” on one or more “faces / facets" of a crystal.

Rutilated Quartz: gold, black or white hair-like threads or strands inside quartz crystals; quartz crystal can be clear or smoky; the threads are easy to see within the quartz crystal.

Scepter: a crystal that has formed around a shaft or rod of another crystal; example: Shangaan Amethyst has formed around a clear quartz crystal rod or point. It is a multi-dimensional energy healing crystal

Seed Crystal: very rare Lemurian Quartz with two-clear sides; no markings of any kind

Self-clearing/cleansing: crystals and minerals that do not need to be cleanse, they clear and cleanse their own energy and the energies of all other crystals and one’s energy; example: kyanite (black and blue); selenite (white, clear and orange)

Self-Healed: a quartz crystal that has been naturally separated from the base, the main termination and continued to “grow” thus, healing itself. Self-Healing crystals have a recognizable horizontal “line” revealing the “break” 

Sphere / Ball: a round-shaped crystal

Spiral Crystal: a distinct ‘twist’ shape down its axis 

Starbrary: Cosmic database for connectedness and unity; record keepers, retaining and preserving messages, information and energies ‘otherworlds’

Starbrary / Starbraries: Starbrary are marks, symbols, glyph and geometric patterns on crystals. The Starbrary is a reminder we are all connected, we are a part of an infinite web of consciousness that transcends our planet, and our mission is to be the light.

Striations: natural lines or ridges on the sides of a crystal, most often found on Lemurian Quartz; the ridges can be clear or frosty in appearance.

Terminatination: a crystal with one pointed end, terminations direct the flow of energy; laser-like energy light-beam flow of energy in the direction of the termination or point

Termination, Double: a crystal with points at both ends; terminations radiate and absorb energy; integrates spirit and physical matter; creates a bridge between two points breaking energy; powerful laser-like energy light-beam; be mindful of where the terminations are pointed. 

Timeline Crystal / Ancestral Timeline Crystal: has a VERY clear flat edge going up from the base to apex; the “fault-line” leans or curves to the left or to the right; the “fault-line” can be seen along the flat-edge of the quartz crystal.

Tourmalinated: black tourmaline threads or tiny cylindrical rods running through milky white quartz crystals.

UV Reactive: changes color when under UV light

Wand: shaped to look like a ‘wand’ wide at the base and narrow point or termination at the opposite end; used to draw unwanted energies from the physical body and etheric energy bodies during energy healing sessions; may be used to cut negative energy cords from the physical and etheric energy bodies

Window Crystals: a large “diamond-shaped window” with the top of the diamond-shape directly connecting with the line of the diamond-shape leading to and connecting to the termination. The “diamond-shaped window” reveals the connection between the physical and higher-spiritual realms. 


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