Metaphysical Glossary

 Hello beautiful Soul Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Crystal Enthusiasts, Spiritual Coaches, and Entrepreneurs,

Welcome to the Metaphysical Glossary, your guide to understanding the mystical world of metaphysics and energy. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey into this mystical realm. This glossary is designed to illuminate the diverse terms and meanings of metaphysics and energy. Each entry is created to enhance your knowledge and deepen your connection with these powerful allies.

4th Dimension Energy: A realm beyond physical constraints where time is fluid and phenomena like telepathy and astral travel are possible. The 4th Dimension, in metaphysical terms, is often seen as a realm that transcends the physical constraints of the third dimension (our everyday physical reality of length, width, height, and time). It is a level of existence where time is more fluid, and one can experience phenomena such as telepathy, astral travel, and enhanced intuition. The energy of the 4th dimension is more subtle and less dense than physical matter, allowing for more fluid and dynamic interactions between consciousness and reality

Activation: refers to the process of initiating or awakening latent abilities, energies, or potential within an individual. This can involve the awakening of dormant psychic abilities, the activation of energy centers (such as chakras), or the triggering of a heightened state of consciousness.

Alchemy: refers to the ancient practice of transforming base substances into noble ones, particularly the transmutation of lead into gold. This practice also includes the pursuit of the philosopher’s stone, which symbolizes the ultimate material transformation and the attainment of immortality.

Alchemy, Spiritual: refers to the inner transformative process aimed at achieving spiritual enlightenment and union with the divine. It involves the metaphorical transformation of the spiritual self, purifying the soul, and attaining a higher state of consciousness.

Ascension: refers to the process of elevating one's consciousness and energy to higher dimensions or levels of existence. This often involves a shift from lower vibrational states (associated with fear, anger, and other dense emotions) to higher vibrational states (associated with love, peace, and unity).

Astral Travel:  Astral travel, or astral projection, is the practice of consciously leaving the physical body to explore the astral plane or other non-physical dimensions of existence.

Attunement: is the process of harmonizing or aligning one's energy with a particular frequency, entity, or higher consciousness. This process often involves fine-tuning one's vibrational state to resonate with specific energies or cosmic forces.

Awakening: refers to the process of becoming aware of the deeper, non-physical aspects of reality and one’s true nature. It often involves a shift in consciousness and the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things.

Celestial: refers to anything related to the heavens or outer space, often associated with higher planes of existence and cosmic forces.

Elestial: Spiritual Growth is the meaning of the Elestial Quartz healing crystal. “Elestial” derives from the Greek word “eleios,” meaning “elevated” or “raised.” it is an “enchanted crystal.” 

Empath: An empath is someone who has the ability to sense and absorb the emotions and energy of others. This heightened sensitivity allows them to feel what others are experiencing on an emotional and energetic level.

Energy Portal: an energy portal is a gateway or passage that connects different dimensions, planes of existence, or levels of consciousness. These portals serve as conduits for energy, allowing it to flow between various realms or states of being. Energy portals are believed to be focal points where intense energy can be accessed, transmitted, or transformed.

Ethereal: describes something that is light, airy, and delicate, often associated with the non-physical or higher vibrational realms. It pertains to the subtle energies and aspects of reality that are beyond the physical.

Higher-Self: refers to the part of an individual’s consciousness that is connected to higher dimensions and greater wisdom. It represents the true, eternal self that transcends the physical and ego-based identity.

High-Vibration: high-vibration crystals resonate and vibrate at a higher frequency that is capable of helping one reach through to multidimensional and interdimensional consciousness.

Intuition: the ability to understand or know something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Metaphysically, it is considered a form of inner knowing or psychic ability that taps into the subtle energies and information beyond the physical senses.

Leveling Up: refers to the process of increasing one's vibrational frequency, developing new skills or abilities, and advancing in one's metaphysical understanding or practice.

Life-Path Crystal: long, thin clear quartz crystal with one or more absolutely smooth (no marks, glyphs, striations); it is usually a three-sided or six-sided “indented” shape penetrating into the crystal; it assists one with discovering and accessing one’s spiritual path and life purpose; teaches and guides one to go with the flow, following your bliss

Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming is the practice of becoming aware that one is dreaming while still in the dream state, allowing for conscious control and exploration of the dream environment.

Shadow Work: Shadow work involves exploring and integrating the unconscious or hidden aspects of oneself, often referred to as the "shadow." This process aims to bring these aspects to light and heal any unresolved issues or traumas.

Telepathy: the ability to transmit and receive thoughts, feelings, or information directly from one mind to another without using the physical senses. It is often considered a form of extrasensory perception (ESP).

Transcendence: is the act of going beyond ordinary limits or surpassing the physical realm to reach higher states of existence or consciousness. This involves rising above the constraints of the material world and accessing higher dimensions, spiritual truths, or cosmic consciousness.

Transformation: is the profound and fundamental change in the nature, structure, or condition of one’s energy or consciousness. This process often involves the alchemical change of lower vibrational states into higher ones, resulting in a completely altered state of being.

Transition: refers to the process of moving from one state of being, energy, or consciousness to another. This could involve shifts in vibrational frequency, changes in energy patterns, or the movement between different planes of existence.

Violet Flame: A spiritual fire that transmutes negative energies into positive ones, purifying and transforming the individual's energy. The Violet Flame is considered a powerful, high-frequency energy that is believed to transmute negative energies into positive ones. It is often described as a spiritual fire that purifies, heals, and transforms. This concept is deeply rooted in the teachings of various spiritual traditions, especially those associated with Ascended Masters, such as Saint Germain, who is often credited with bringing the knowledge of the Violet Flame to humanity.