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Amethyst Pyrite Crystal (#8)

Amethyst Pyrite Crystal (#8)

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Amethyst Pyrite Cluster, Healers Stone, Connect to Spirit, Metaphysical Gifts, Self Worth, Prosperity and Abundance, Life Purpose, Chakra Healing, Negative Energy Protection

Amethyst is known as the 'Healer's Stone' or 'Soul Stone.' This amazing crystal helps you’ pull-back’ the veil between the Spiritual and Earthly Realms and will help you expand your sense of conscious awareness.

Potential Benefits and Metaphysical Properties:   


  • Stone of Soul and Healer’s Stone; Crown Chakra, connect to Spirit and the Angelic Realm
  • Enhances your Intuitive Gifts; dream recall; inter-dimensional travel
  • Access your Higher-Consciousness; deepens meditation
  • Raises the vibration within your physical body and environment


  • Powerful energy shield blocking negative energy and negative energy pollutants
  • Protects your Aura the 1st line of defense against negative energies
  • Overcomes feelings of not being enough, increasing self-worth and self-confidence
  • Helps you further develop intuitive gifts; prosperity and abundance,  limitless potential

✨✨✨ Disclaimer: All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness or dis-ease, should consult with their General Practitioner. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner.  To view additional Collections, click this link:  ✨✨✨

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