Emerald in Schist Matrix, Brazil (#3)

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Emerald in Schist Matrix, Relationship Healing, Unconditional Love, Focused Intentions, EMF Protection, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Imagination, Chakra Alignment 

Emerald in Schist Matrix is a multifaceted natural blend that has Mica and Graphite as part of the Schist Matrix.

Emerald is the Stone of Inspiration and Infinite Patience. It is also known as the Stone of Successful Love. 

Whenever *love* is mentioned, we humans tend to jump right to relationships. The most important *love-relationship* you can have is with yourself. Unconditional love begins with self-love and then with others in your life. 

Schist is the Stone of New Ideas, Flexibility and Confidence, helping you overcome challenging situations and restoring your sense of self. It is also capable of clearing your mind and path, stimulating your imagination and creativity.

As your intuition gets clearer, you’re better able to discern conscious mind chitter-chatter and Guidance from Spirit and your Guides. 

Mica sparkles on the surface, deflecting EMF and other negative energies away from you and returning them from whence they came. It can soothe the conscious mind, so that you can *let go* of what no longer resonates with you and for you.

There are *times* when it is necessary to go within, reconnecting with yourself and your inner-truth of who you are and what you came here to do, Mica can assist you with your inner-journeys.   

Graphite is the Stone of Chakra Alignment and Communication, enhancing the connection with Spirit, your guides and the Angelic Realms. Its energy can often be tapped into as a creative muse for writers and authors, and also help clear your connection for automatic writing. 

The blend of so many properties makes Emerald in Schist Matrix a very special gift from Mother Gaia. I feel blessed to have one of these beauties as part of my personal collection. 

Actually, my Emerald in Schist was sitting right beside me as I tapped into its unique energetic vibration to share its *story* with you. 

Potential Benefits and Metaphysical Properties:  

*EMERALD: Stone of Inspiration and Infinite Patience, also known as the Stone of Successful Love; enhances and encourages unconditional love; assists in keeping partnerships in balance; Heart Chakra activation, healing and calms emotions; helps to eliminate negativity, opening to positive energies; focus intentions; raise your inner-vibration and conscious awareness; regeneration; enjoy to the fullest; strengthens memory; gift of discernment and reveals the truth 

*SCHIST: with has Mica and Graphite in its Matrix, Stone of New Ideas, Flexibility and Confidence, assisting to bring new ideas into reality; strength and determination to overcome difficult and challenging situations; helps restore self-confidence; shields from negative influences; improves flexibility while honoring your path, choices and your dreams; stimulates creativity, intuition, prosperity, regeneration

*MICA: EMF protection, shields you from negativity and psychic attack; reduces and ground nervous energy; encourages you to *face yourself* with compassion and non-judgement; calms and soothes the conscious mind; assists with letting-go of situations, experiences and emotional hurt; focus on what is important without distractions; can help you open your Intuitive Gifts of Channeling; vision and imagination clarity; inner-journey work and self-reflection enabling you to better see and connect with your inner-Heart-Soul connection

*GRAPHITE: Stone of Chakra alignment, helps improve communication with others and your Guides, calms conscious mind, clears inner-thoughts, creativity muse for writers and authors, automatic writing

✨✨✨ Disclaimer: All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness or dis-ease, should consult with their General Practitioner. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner. 

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