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Epidote Crystal (BM116)

Epidote Crystal (BM116)

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Epidote, Perception, Personal Power, Objectiveness, Spiritual Awakening, Calms the Mind, Abundance and Prosperity, Programmable, Manifest Your Dreams, Energy Detox, Grounding, Magnifies the Energy of Other Crystals and Minerals

Epidote is the Stone of Perception, Personal Power and Objectiveness. It magnifies the energy of all other Crystals, Minerals and Stones. It helps you truly understand the concept of “as above, so below” and be able to connect with the energy for manifestation. 

Potential Benefits and Metaphysical Properties: 


  • Stone of Perception, Personal Power and Objectiveness
  • Removes resistance to Spiritual Awakening, powerful catharsis, staying centered and grounded, calms the conscious mind
  • Attracts the same vibrational energy you project, abundance, prosperity, creativity
  • Magnifies the energies of all other Crystals Minerals and Stones and your own energy (both positive and negative)
  • Raise the vibration of your thoughts energy words and actions, can be programmed for desired outcomes
  • Helps you understand the concept and connection of *as above, so below*, enhances Spiritual Energy
  • Transmute dense energy into a higher-vibration, enhances perception, courage to manifest your dreams
  • Strengthens your sense of identity and personal power, helps dissolve anxiety
  • Aids in releasing grief and emotional trauma, energy detoxification 
  • Origin: South Africa
  • Chakra: All Chakra’s
  • Element: Earth, Water
  • Planet: Earth, Jupiter
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini, Virgo, Libra
  • Angelic Realm: Ezekiel, Angel of Transformation

✨✨✨ Disclaimer: All crystal healing uses, magical uses and metaphysical definitions are provided as a means of education, and do not imply a guarantee of effect. Those suffering from illness or dis-ease, should consult with their General Practitioner. Crystal healing is a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should be carried out by a suitably qualified crystal healing practitioner.  To view additional Collections, click this link:  ✨✨✨

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